1 can 2 can

This 1 can 2 can video slot from Microgaming has 5 wheels and 25 paylines. The bet per line is one coin, and the value of a coin can be adjusted from as low as a penny to as high as ten dollars. You can set your bet per spin as high or low as you wish. The maximum bet you can place on a single spin is $250, while the minimum bet is just $0.01. The game’s configuration menu can be accessed only in between spins.

The best part of this video slot is that it does not have a progressive jackpot. The maximum regular win is 1000 coins, and it can be as low as ten cents or as high as $10 000. While this is the maximum you can win on a single payline, there is also the option of playing multiple paylines, which can yield larger wins. The game is also compatible with mobile devices and is available on iOS and Android devices.

In addition to the regular wins, 1 Can 2 Can features a progressive jackpot. The largest regular win you can win is 1000 coins. To do this, you must get at least five wild symbols in a row. This prize is worth as much as $10, so you can spend as much as $250 on the game. However, this is only the maximum you can win on one payline. If you play multiple paylines, you can earn more money than 1000 coins on a single spin.

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