Virtual football pro

When you play Virtual Football Pro, you have the option of selecting your country, bet size, and stake amount. This gives you the option of betting on any team’s outcome. While this can be fun, you can’t know exactly who will win until the game begins, so you’ll have to make the right prediction. In […]

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Virtual soccer

Unlike the real game, virtual soccer is completely computer generated. The team logos, names and performances are completely fictional and have little to do with real-world teams. The game is played with computer software and has daily leagues that start and end. Each game lasts around two to three minutes and is usually presented in […]

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Virtual europa league

Virtual Europa League is a popular sports betting game. Developed by 1×2, the Virtual Europe League is a 1×2 soccer simulation game. It boasts bright graphics and elaborate interface, with a variety of betting options. You can play the game for free or wager real money, and you can adjust your bets according to your […]

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Virtual world cup

In the Virtual World Cup, 16 countries compete in the final. Each nation builds a team of 5 or six players, depending on the WESPA ratings. Once a match has been played, a random number generator will determine the winner. If a certain nation does not qualify, a player can still be selected to represent […]

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